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Dogs Nanaimo Area
Soul - Border Collie Dog

Shelter: BC SPCA - Nanaimo & District Branch Animal ID: 546749 Birthdate: April 12, 2009 - Senior Spayed/Neutered: Yes Male Meet Soul or is it Soulmate?! Soul is a 13 year old lab/border collie mix with pup like energy who is ready to explore what it is to have a mate. This blue eyed beauty (nope that's not cataracts or haze from old age - he does indeed have a blue eye) is a very sweet elderly man who has a playful demeanor and loves to hang out and tell stories of the "good ol' days" and talk about the meaning of life. He also loves his afternoon naps in his fluffy pillows where he dreams of finding his kindred spirit to share in deep and meaningful conversations. He's got a lot of wisdom to impart and a lot of love to share. He enjoys swedish massages, socializing over a nice salmon dish and the warmth of a nice snuggle. He also loves soft toys, laying in the sunshine and meditation. He says that his arthritis is a blessing in disguise; reminding him that there is no need to rush as the only time is NOW. We do not know if Soul has ever had another companion animal, but with his calm demeanour and spiritual nature we feel that he would be more than willing to open his heart to another fur-friend. Soul's motto is to let go let flow, and is just out to spread love and impart his wisdom on the world before he transitions. Soul has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has began supplementation for it. He also takes an anti-inflammatory for his arthritis. Soul does have an upcoming dental scheduled for mid June, but otherwise has a clean bill of health and is ready flow into the next phase of his life. ***We've made changes to our adoption process. To adopt: 1. View Soul's profile: 2. Submit an application: 3. If it's a match, staff will contact you to set-up an appointment to come in for a visit or virtual meet & greet! 4. Live happily furever after ***We often receive many applications for an available animal. We do our best to respond, although are not always able to respond to all applicants. We will reach out to the approved adopter.***

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