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All categories Nanaimo Area
MurrayJW (42)
25 feet of hd air hose thumbnail image
25 feet heavy duty air hose 3/8 inch id 300 psi as new cond 20.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40546909
Posted:January 27, 2024
insulated boot liners thumbnail image
insulated boot liners 10 inch long in foot . 10 inch high as new 25.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40394914
Posted:October 26, 2023
mobilline 24 volt battery charger thumbnail image
mobilline 24 volt battery charger for mobility scooter 30.00 2nd picture shows plug in ends
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40225972
Posted:July 27, 2023
coleman 2 burner camp stove thumbnail image
coleman 2 burner gas camp stove 50.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40225985
Posted:July 27, 2023
tomtom xl gps thumbnail image
tomtom xl gps works good 40.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40593469
Posted:February 26, 2024
2 in sq. trailer hitch ball mount or 1 1/4 sq. tube thumbnail image
2 - 2 inch shaft with 2 inch ball 35.00 ea / 2 - 11/4 shaft with 2 inch bvall 35.00 each
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:39501926
Posted:April 24, 2022
optex t155 tripod and soligar tripod thumbnail image
optex t 155 hd./ soligar mb300 tripods camera / spotting scope tripod as new 40.00 each
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40387224
Posted:October 22, 2023
rona magnesium red eye gij saw thumbnail image
rona magnesium red eye gij saw exel. cond 45.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40538943
Posted:January 22, 2024
c ampbell hausfeld 2 in 1 air  nailer- stapler thumbnail image
campbell hausfeld 2 in 1 air nailer - stapler uses 18 guage crown staples 3/8 to 1 1/4 in 30.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40537248
Posted:January 21, 2024
jobmate dremil tool thumbnail image
job mate dremil tool works good 20.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40537274
Posted:January 21, 2024
craftsman 1 1/2 hpower router / set of router bits thumbnail image
craftsman 1 1/2 hp router as new cond 50.00 / set of 15 new dure sharp router bits 25.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40537236
Posted:January 21, 2024
dr. ho  leg circulation promoter and dr. ho back belt thumbnail image
dr. ho. leg and back circulation promoter 75.00 with controller/ dr. ho back belt 65.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40383059
Posted:October 20, 2023
bushnell legacy w/p binoculars thumbnail image
bushnell 10x50 legacy w/p binoculars water proof br. new in box 150.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40208878
Posted:July 19, 2023
black and decker bullseye auto-leveling laser w/ stud finder thumbnail image
black and decker bullseye auto -leveling laser with stud finder model bdl190s-ca br. new in box 50.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40263968
Posted:August 15, 2023
garmin nuvi gps thumbnail image
garmin nuvi gps works good 35.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40432537
Posted:November 15, 2023
bushnell 10x42   h20 binoculars thumbnail image
bushnell 10x42 h20 waterproof binoculars br. new in box 135.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40432343
Posted:November 15, 2023
set of milwalkie screw driver tips / ryobi screw driver tips thumbnail image
set of milwalkie screw driver tips / ryobi screw driver tips 15.00 each
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:39353415
Posted:January 14, 2022
8 camo hats and camo gloves thumbnail image
8 camo hats and camo gloves some hats br. new others as br new 8.00 each
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40314625
Posted:September 13, 2023
bushnell   - bear grylis monoculer thumbnail image
bushnell -- bear grylis 9x32 monoculer as new cond with carry case 40.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40574600
Posted:February 14, 2024
coleman dual action pump thumbnail image
coleman dual action pump as new in box 25.00
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:39264430
Posted:November 10, 2021
2  craftsman 3/8 ratchets thumbnail image
2 craftsman 3/8 drive ratchets - 1 newer model - 1 older model w/ socket release button 25.00 each
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40192428
Posted:July 11, 2023
mastercraft pin nailer thumbnail image
mastercraft pin nailer drives 1/2 in. to 1 inch pin nails 30.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40250250
Posted:August 8, 2023
bushnell binoculars thumbnail image
bushnell 7-21x40 binoculars exel. cond 40.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40475591
Posted:December 11, 2023
ultra view deluxe 10x50 binoculars thumbnail image
ultra view 10x50 binoculars exel. cond 45.00
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40475599
Posted:December 11, 2023
hoppes bore cleaning kits thumbnail image
hpppes bore cleaning kits complete kits 30.00 each 22-300
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40475602
Posted:December 11, 2023
MurrayJW profile image
Murray MILES
Tow Bar complete with Vehicle Brackets for front of Suzuki, Tracker, and Sunrunner, etc. $400.