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All categories Nanaimo Area
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Relm WHS 150 Programmable Walkie Talkie Professional VHF Radio thumbnail image
Works when connected to a 12 volt DC source, Needs a new battery pack, rebuild this one with rechargeable NiCads, Or use your vehicle as a base sta...
Ad Id:40725535
Posted:May 20, 2024
Northern Electric  Baby Champ radio thumbnail image
Vintage tube radio. 1946 was the first year for the Northern Electric Baby Champ built in Belleville, Ontario. Some collectors call this one the Wat...
Ad Id:40563723
Posted:February 8, 2024
1936 CGE Tombstone radio thumbnail image
Vintage tube radio. OBO Canadian General Electric model E-6B tombstone-style radio in working condition. This is a farm radio powered by batteries or...
Ad Id:40102148
Posted:May 27, 2023
1946 RCA "Baby Nipper" thumbnail image
Vintage tube radio. Nipper was the dog that heard his Master's Voice. The RCA company adopted the image of the little dog and named a line of small r...
Ad Id:40563715
Posted:February 8, 2024
Fiberglas Cloth and Mat, 14+ lbs (6.4 kilos) total thumbnail image
More than 4' X 7' of Heavy Woven Roving. More than 4' X 12' Fiberglas Mat Total weight is 14 lbs. Left over from boat projects. Take it away for ...
Ad Id:40410858
Posted:November 3, 2023
Forney 180 Amp Arc Welder thumbnail image
OBO, Forney 180 Amp Arc Welder - There are no moving parts, you plug cables into the settings you want, and can get a nice steady bead from the big c...
Ad Id:40111819
Posted:June 1, 2023
1960 Zenith AMFM radio thumbnail image
$50 This 1960 vintage Zenith model H723 seven tube radio with a sold state rectifier, has a hand-wired metal chassis and is complete and working, as i...
Ad Id:40098772
Posted:May 25, 2023
Logging Snatch Block thumbnail image
Was used for cable logging probably with a donkey engine and possibly with a spar tree. Has a 10" pulley, and still turns freely, ready to go logging ...
Ad Id:40693540
Posted:April 28, 2024
Northern Electric Radio thumbnail image
Vintage tube radio, Northern Electric model 5404, "The Panda", built in Belleville Ontario in 1951. Hammertone green painted Bakelite with a few bl...
Ad Id:40582680
Posted:February 19, 2024
Pioneer 6 CD carousel with AMFM + cassette player thumbnail image
Pioneer KEH-P3600, has been stored for 10 years. CD unit fits behind the seat, has sleeves for 6 CD's, Head unit is universal fit, was in my Toyota...
Ad Id:40734558
Posted:May 26, 2024
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