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All Livestock Nanaimo Area
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Chicks, Chicks, Chicks thumbnail image
$9, straight run. 2 weeks old Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans and Ameraucanas $11, straight ...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40725567
Posted:May 20, 2024
Day old white turkey toms for sale thumbnail image
15 white turkey tom poults, only day old will be available on June 4, $8.25 each. Pick up in th...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40721269
Posted:May 17, 2024
Hatching eggs thumbnail image
Get your rainbow eggs all in one hatch. In one pen I have a silkie rooster over True Blue, Amerac...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40719795
Posted:May 16, 2024
1.5 year old layers for sale thumbnail image
I just replaced my flock and now I have 19 layers to sell. $10 each, or make me an offer for all...
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:40718591
Posted:May 16, 2024
Colour Your Hen House...chicks hatching today thumbnail image
Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans and Ameraucanas. Available now. Coming next week: Speckled ...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40718315
Posted:May 15, 2024
Heat off German Bielefelder pullets thumbnail image
We have heat off Bielefelder pullets(female ) Bielefelder is friendly and lay Large size brown...
Nanoose Bay
Ad Id:40715257
Posted:May 13, 2024
Icelandic lambs thumbnail image
Purebred unregistered Icelandic lambs for sale. Will be weened and ready in a few weeks. Generall...
Ad Id:40713231
Posted:May 11, 2024
Sexed day old chicks (female) thumbnail image
We have sexed female chicks. *Welsummer *German Bielefelder $20 per chick We are locat...
Nanoose Bay
Ad Id:40710162
Posted:May 9, 2024
Nigerian Dwarf Goats thumbnail image
We have 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale. Sky is a sweet doeling. She is 16 months old. She is bla...
Ad Id:40710057
Posted:May 9, 2024
Chicks, Chicks, Chicks thumbnail image
$9, unsexed. 2 weeks old Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans and Ameraucanas $11, unsexed. 5 wee...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40709207
Posted:May 8, 2024
No image, showing placeholder.
8 yearling ewes for sale. These girls are healthy, vaccinated, wormed, sheared with good teeth a...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40708577
Posted:May 7, 2024
Barnyard mix layer chicks thumbnail image
Barnyard layer mix chicks. Hatched April 29th-May 4th. Easter eggers, brown layers, white layers...
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:40706033
Posted:May 5, 2024
Muscovy ducklings thumbnail image
4 left 3 days old. $10 each. Located in Coombs
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40704639
Posted:May 4, 2024
8 Heritage Chicks, Olive Eggers, Orpington x Black Copper Marans thumbnail image
Add some beautiful colours to your egg carton and flock 1 ½ week old chicks, unsexed (mix of h...
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:40703546
Posted:May 4, 2024
Ram lambs thumbnail image
Offering for sale: Taking reservations on this seasons crop of ram lambs. *2 Available* S...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40701029
Posted:May 2, 2024
FREE Event Poultry Swap! thumbnail image
Sell from your vehicle, anything from Eggs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, chicks, rabbits, etc Brin...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40700961
Posted:May 2, 2024
nigerian dwarf male thumbnail image
100 , 9 months old.
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:40649203
Renewed:May 2, 2024
Sexed female chicks pullets legbars buffs blue eggs thumbnail image
have the following day old chicks available: Female Cream crested legbars, will lay blue eggs ...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40699043
Posted:May 1, 2024
Barnyard mix chicks thumbnail image
Barnyard mix layer chicks. $9 each. UNSEXED. 14 available currently with more hatching. I will t...
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:40697685
Posted:April 30, 2024
Muscovy ducklings thumbnail image
Muscovy ducklings Located in Coombs. Hatched 4/27 With mom still, but she doesn’t need as...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40696496
Posted:April 29, 2024
Lots of chicks coming..... thumbnail image
I have a bunch of chicks hatching. And have an order from a Hatchery coming in the week of May 2...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40693545
Posted:April 28, 2024
Khaki Campbell Drakes thumbnail image
$30 for the pair of solar powered slug control. South Wellington pick up.
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40692614
Posted:April 27, 2024
Beautiful Friendly Brown Muscovy Drake thumbnail image
Brown Muscovy looking for a flock of ladies to join. He's a nice gentle boy who you can hand feed...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40686442
Posted:April 23, 2024
Browning trail cam thumbnail image
Browning camouflage trail camera
Central Nanaimo
Ad Id:40219177
Renewed:April 22, 2024
Isabel Orpington Hatching eggs thumbnail image
Beautiful healthy birds, fertility has been fantastic. This is a rare color variety and is absolu...
Nanaimo Area
Ad Id:40684300
Posted:April 22, 2024
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